Mission Statement

Investigations: The Journal of Student Research @ Purdue Fort Wayne is a refereed, open access journal dedicated to the publication and dissemination of research, scholarship, and creative endeavor by Purdue Fort Wayne students and their mentors. Investigations publishes in two general areas:

  1. Refereed contributions based on research, scholarship, and creative endeavor conducted by Purdue Fort Wayne students.
  2. Scholarship about student research, mentorship, and best practices by the faculty who work with our published authors.

We publish student research, scholarship, and creative endeavor from all fields and disciplines offered on our campus. We also publish articles by faculty mentors on mentoring, student research, best practices, and related topics.

Investigations is designed to help students learn the role that publication and the sharing of knowledge plays in both academia and other professions. For our students, we use the review process not to filter manuscripts but rather as an opportunity for academic and intellectual growth. Also because student research often occurs late in an undergraduate career, we strive to provide helpful feedback to authors in a timely manner and then move accepted manuscripts to publication as rapidly as possible.