Review Process

Submission and review process: AT PRESENT WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS VIA EMAIL ( When you submit a paper this is what will happen:

1) Author submits article, abstract, and author agreement forms for consideration at Managing editor will acknowledge receipt via email, check to ensure copy is anonymous, and send the paper to the editor.

2) When all forms and mentor approval are submitted, editor will assign article to an appropriate subject editor for review. This initial review should take no more than 2 to 3 weeks.

3) Subject editor will make initial decision about article and provide substantive commentary about any decisions and/or necessary changes in writing. Possible decisions include:

  • Return via email to submitting author with written guidance about further work needed.
  • Send article via email to an external subject editor for review.

4) External subject editors will evaluate articles relative to disciplinary and Investigations criteria within 3 weeks, and then return their written assessment and recommendations to the internal subject editor who will

  • Compile a balanced summary of the comments, or
  • In the case of a split decision, sends article out for a 3rd review prior to compiling summary for author.

5) Editor makes final decision: accept, reject, revise and resubmit, accept pending major revisions, or accept pending minor revisions.

  • If decision is accept with major or minor revisions, the author revises and returns article to the managing editor. Subject editor will review changes prior to formal acceptance of draft as final.
  • If decision is revise and resubmit, when the author returns a substantively revised article, the external review process begins anew.

Note on feedback: Much of your correspondence will be routed through the managing editor. However you will receive feedback on your work from subject-expert referees (college professors, research scientists, industry professionals, etc.) who review your draft. The referees’ comments on your work will be forwarded to you (without including the names or addresses of the reviewers). If they recommend that you rewrite your draft or rework a part of your project, the editor will likely ask you to comply and may make some recommendations to help you do this. If the referees recommend that your draft be published as is, you and your supervisor will be informed about publication details by email.

Review Policy for Faculty Article Submissions:
Standard blind peer review by one internal and one external peer. When possible, faculty submissions on mentorship, student research, best practices, and related topics will be reviewed by the same review group as its related student research project. If this is not possible, the piece will be circulated to faculty with content expertise in the relevant discipline(s).